Friday, April 23, 2010

Burrs, stickers and prickly things, Oh my

Our place is overrun with burrs, stickers, prickly things, etc. Here are a few samples of what we have to deal with.

Innocent looking weed that grows up into a million burrs


Like this


Another variety of sticker


Traditional Cockleburr


As you can see on the top of the cows head, cockle burrs galore that get carried to the far reaches of the place


Pretty blue plant according to my little girl. You may not be able to tell but that is a gazillion burrs waiting to populate


As you can see these burrs are often dispersed especially around watering holes or any area animals, humans, or the wind can deposit these pesky plants.

We have been told that cutting down does not work because of the great root systems these rascals have. We are not going to spray chemicals which is by far the most recommended approach to weed control.

What to do?

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