Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Freedom from stuff

I was talking to a friend today about how free I feel because I don't own a house. My friend is toying with the idea of selling his house and buying a boat. From the boat he could travel the seas while working from a laptop. How cool would that be?

It has been a surprising feeling to actually like renting. I've been a landlord for the past 5 years and have owned several houses over the course of 6 years and I've become accustomed to owning what I live in. We are renting now for a few months and it's actually quite pleasant.

This past weekend the water heaters conked out and guess who fixed it? Not me. Ha. I tried to help but what could I really do on a place I don't own. The landlord came in and replaced a couple of elements in the water heaters and I didn't have to do a thing. Ha again.

This feeling reminds me of a really good summary called the Story of stuff. It makes me want to throw all my boxes out that have been stored for the last month. Chances are I'll haul the boxes around for another year or so and then end up disposing of the items anyway.

Here's my goal. Go through all of our stuff and get rid of at least one third of it. I figure we have about 100 boxes. That means 33 boxes of stuff is getting dumped on someone in the next 2 months.

Let me know if you need any stuff to add to your stuff.

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  1. I have to say this is an excellent goal. I'm planning to do something similar, as soon as the kitchen is done and I can unpack all my boxes of kitchen stuff.