Thursday, December 16, 2010


So its official. WE'RE DEBT FREE. Our house closed at the end of November and we just made the final payment on our land in Canada. We may not have a house or any farming equipment but we are heading North. We actually will not leave until early spring but we have a lot of planning and deciding to do before then.

Since our house closed we have been moving around calling upon the good graces of many friends. We've slept on numerous floors and have our our possessions farmed out to a few empty garages. Thanks Rick and Cami, Bill and Kim, John and Amber, Lee and Amber, and all the other folks who's helped along the way.

Our poor kids don't even know this is not normal. I think they are enjoying the adventure of sleeping at a new friends house every night.

We are now in a place that we will rent for a few months while I finish up at the college etc. We are OK mom and dad. (Our phone hasn't worked for the last week and my parents lost touch of us as we moved from one place to the next. I'm pretty sure my mom is about to come and take our kids away from us until we get settled. ha.)

I think it's about time we going skiing and get a Christmas tree. We've got a lot to celebrate.

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