Saturday, January 8, 2011

Electricity is a go

We have about 2 months to get our land ready for our big move. Seems like a long time but we have a thousand things to do before moving.

Just this past week we had Fortis (our electrical supplier) put a transformer and meter on a telephone pole somewhat near where we are going to eventually build. I'm told we can just have an electrician tie into this transformer and we are good to go for power after signing up with an account with our power supplier.

We also have a well driller lined up for the middle of this month for a well. So in no time we will have power and water. What more do you need to live right?

It is kind of hard to do all this without being right there. I'm trying to convince my wife that we need water and electricity to do anything on the land but she has this thing about wanting to know where we are going to build and planning that out etc. She's a little gun shy, I'm too thoughtless. We are good for each other. We usually end up somewhere in the middle which is probably where we should be anyways.

I was surprised how fast the Fortis guys got the power connected. I received a quote a while back and finally signed the papers. The next week a Fortis guy called and said "Where do you want it?". That caused a little discussion with my better half as "don't you think we need to know where we are building" was debated vigorously while the Fortis guy was on the line. This also just happens to be my busiest time of year at work as well so I left my wife to talk to the guy while he was out on the land ready to install on the nearest pole. Bless her soul. How has she put up with me for this long?

I'll take pictures next week of the transformer as we probably will have to go up to Canada to decide where the well is going to be drilled. I'm OK with somewhere in the vicinity. My wife...I suppose is more realistic in wanting it close to our final building spot. ha.

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