Monday, January 17, 2011

Freedom from stuff update

I wanted to give an update on my goal to get rid of a third of our stuff. We've had this goal before as we've tried to cut down the things we have to move after selling our house. Our kids have gone through this dreadful experience before and I've heard them say "I don't want to sell this toy dad" or "do I have to give my dolly to Salvation Army?" Poor dears.

We started cleaning out the 100's of boxes we have in the garage. We have a goal of going through six boxes at a time and getting rid of two of them. I'm happy to report we went through six boxes and got rid of four boxes worth of stuff. It kind of gets addicting and my wife has to control me before I start hauling the junk we have out to the dump.

As part of the chucking process we made it a rule that if we haven't used the item in a year or we didn't think we were going to use it for a year it had to go. I have a tendency to throw things out. I'd feel bad sending my junk to someone elses junk pile. However my wife feels guilty throwing things away so we have taken trunk loads to Salvation Army.

One hard item she is struggling with is her wedding dress. It hasn't been used in a year and I hope it won't be used in the next year. My vote (off to make someone happy at the used clothes store) differed slightly from hers (don't you think we can find someone that may want it?).

Anyone need/want a slightly used, very pretty, size 8 wedding dress?


  1. Wedding Dress???? Your daughters will want to see that and try it on etc. That is one thing I wouldn't part with. My sister got to try on my Great Grandmothers dress that my Aunt has, they can become a treasure.

  2. 'Betty' (from the May blog posting) just got rid of hers in the process of moving! She says it is liberating! Not sure what she means by that...She did dress up the girls in the dress and take pictures, then boxed it up and took it to the donation box. Good luck! Just keep a close eye on any tools, sporting equipment, etc!