Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Milly wins out

So I've not updated our well events this past weekend as I was too embarrassed to recall the events.

We get the well driller out on the property in the middle of a wind storm (slight breeze we are told by the locals) discuss well location, types of pumping systems, etc. We are followed by Maddox's (my brother-in-law) four fairly large horses that rub against, whinny, and sniff us out for goodies. Come to find out Maddox is only afraid of one of the horses. It must of been the horse that was chasing and trying to bite the drillers dog that was with us. Glad we had a four legged decoy to keep us safe.

After a conversation that concludes with runny noses and frozen fingers I'm thinking great, lets do it. The driller can do it on Tuesday and I say lets "git er done." Then I notice out of the corner of my eye a look of shock and disgust. Milly is giving me the "No way" look. Come to find out we are not ready yet to drill the well.

I have to take back all I've committed to with the driller and beg for a few more months to plan, fast and pray about, and decide where the stinking hole is going to be drilled.

She convinced me by the "what if we need it closer to the house in case we go for geothermal type heating systems" argument. I'd really like to do geothermal but it sounds expensive.

One of the other reasons for the waiting period is we find out the really get the well in place it's going to take something like $10,000 for it to have a pump, electricity, etc. So instead of digging a hole and letting it sit until we are really ready we are going to hold off and do it all at once.

Another conversation we had on the well subject came from my other brother-in-laws father-in-law. He's a witcher of wells. He asked if we have the hole witched. I said no. "Big mistake" was his response. I'm not sure I believe all the hocus pocus around well witching but I wouldn't discount it I guess. I do know Maddox had three holes witched on his last place and all of them were dry.

What do you think? Should I get the well location witched for good measure?

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