Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Well, Well, Well

After getting electricity on the land I've convince my wife we need water and we need water fast.

***Side note. My wife doesn't believe modern technology is safe such as microwaves, force air furnaces, chemicals innumerable, and the Internet. I've been commanded to never use her name on this blog thus my constant referring to her as "My wife". Many of you may know her real name but for those of you that don't, rest assured, she is real and does have a real name.

We have a driller lined up for next week and we will be heading up to the land to decide where we are going to drill. I've found out the magic number in almost all instances is 100 feet. We need to drill at least 100 feet away from the drain field, 100 feet from the border of the land as we can't control what our neighbor may do in the future, and 100 feet from any contaminating body of water. We have kind of decided to drill on the edge of the hill as we can't put our drain field there and it's fairly close to our power source.

I've been told we can expect any where between 20 and 40 gallons per min from the well. That's a number based on past wells in the same area. Anyone know if this is really true from the area? I hear we can run a house on anything down to 10 gallons per minute so hopefully we get above that.

We don't need our development permit to get the well in so hopefully we don't have any troubles getting approval on where we want to build our house or we could be piping our water for a ways.

Need to talk to Barnabas (guy that got stuck in the muck). He's a water expert and knows everything about this type of stuff. Why did you move away Barnabas just when we needed you?

If you haven't guessed Barnabas is not his real name. My Wife has said I have to give code names to all our friends as well so we don't jeopardize their safety. Maybe I'll just call my wife "Milly" from here on out so at least I have a handle to reference her by.

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