Tuesday, February 15, 2011

I hear that train a coming

After much debate and discussion we have decided to get this adventure started ASAP. Yikes!!! What are we doing? We told our landlords we are moving out February 26th so we have a week and a half to close up shop on our life in Montana and make arrangements for our new life in Canada.

Milly thinks we haven't really thought things thru and for once I agree. We have nothing ready on our land and will probably be at the mercy of Greybeard and Dancing Queen for the next month or so. But at least we are one step closer to our final destination.

Our kids have told us more than once that they don't want to live in a yurt which we are fully investigating. We actually have an appointment to visit a lady that has a working yurt tomorrow morning. I doubt it will come to much but we are bound and determined to be on the land as soon as we can.

Wish us luck.

1 comment:

  1. well tell your kids the yurt looks nice :)
    we cant wait to have you guys up here. love you all.