Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Storm's a Comin'

Wouldn't you know it. We've planned this big move for weeks now and the weatherman picked this weekend to get to -19 C and snowing.
I planned originally to pack up Friday night and take off Saturday morning but Milly convinced me we don't want our things stuffed in the Uhaul when the temperature can reach such drastically low levels.

I need to call all my moving buddies to reschedule to 9 am Saturday morning. Leave a comment here if you don't need me to call and can make it at that time.

We have rented a storage unit up north and have found good homes for our couches and piano until we have a place of our own. I guess we are staying with Greybeard and Dancing Queen for a while until they kick us out.

I have taken three days off next week so we can get all of our business done. We found out our car only needs to be exported from the US. It doesn't need to go through the Provincial inspection rigamarole we did last time we did this silly international move.

Ringo says he's ready to do some farm work. The girls are happy to be close to their Grandmas.

Two more days and counting.

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  1. What time do you plan on being in Glenwood? My little coleny are planning on being in Gelwood Saturday and want to help you and Milly. Let us know.