Friday, March 25, 2011

I’m a believer

I’m sure many of you are anticipating an update on our divining exploits.

I expected to share a laughable expedition of us tromping around the land chanting and swaying our arms while the dowser was led by the magnetic draw of a crow bar to the promised oasis of sun and 50 gallon/minute water prospects.

Well, I regret to inform all skeptics and rock throwers that I have joined the fine journeymen of the professional water diviners and am a believer and possible gifted member myself. I’m not sure if we will find water. I’m even more unsure on whether our water prospects would have come divining or not. But none the less I was shown and participated in our own water exploration.

I have a few pictures and a video but I’m debating whether or not to publish the event. Not that I’m embarrassed by my trepid belief but I think I may need to duck for cover as Barnabas and Doc throw their pointy spears and thistles our way.

OK, maybe I’ll succumb.

Here I am with the beloved crow bar approach. This was by far my most successful attempt. As you walk along you balance the crow bar on a finger two. The theory is when the crowbar becomes unbalanced and moves toward the ground their must be magnetic force pulling the end down. At least that’s what I surmised.

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Quack. No way.

My friend and colleague, Mr. Dowser spent a good hour out with us divining all around where we roughly want our house. We found several spots the crow bar was unbalanced and pulling toward the ground and I marked them with some sticks. After this time we looked at our markers and found a distinct path running north and south through our housing area.

After we (yes Milly was along for the ride) watched for a while Mr. Dowser asked if I wanted to try it. For sure. I wanted in on the quackery. I held up my trusty crow bar and started walking. And I hate to admit it but that dang crow bar kept getting unbalance. And what was even more coincidental/ironic was every time I looked down there was one of my silly sticks from Mr. Dowser’s findings.

Mr. Dowser also decided to double check his finding by using the old fashioned willow method. Here’s a video of this event.

Professional water diviner at his best


I showed Barnabas a sneak peak of this video and he pointed out we were doing our serious work around an irrigation ditch and that it was cheating. He also asked if I noticed we used a pitched fork. I accused him of being a non believer and engineer. I think he admitted to both after he described his thoughts for an hour.

Now, if I had a bunch of money and nothing else to do I would test our theories by drilling 10 different holes around our land to see if my divine spot is better than any others. I have neither so will defer to simple belief and hope.

Looking back at this event I guess we did tromp around the land. I didn’t do any chanting but Milly did sway a bit every time I exclaimed with vigor “This is the spot, I feel it in my bones.”

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