Friday, March 4, 2011

Weekly report

We were deep in the packing mode last week at this time. Amazing what the difference one week can have.

In the past week we have:
  • Packed up our house
  • Moved to Canada
  • Insured and registered our car. We almost had to pay an antique tax as it's so old. We did have to get it inspected as they don't allow vehicles as old as ours unless it passes a 1000 point inspection. Had to buy new tires, fix a fan regulator (the heat is either all on or all off), and several burned out lights in various locations
  • Got new drivers license. Milly just so happened to have the hugest cold sore imaginable fester the morning of pictures. She wasn't too happy to be stuck with a cold sore picture for the next 10 years
  • Unloaded too many boxes into Grey beard and Dancing queens place. I think they are fretting about how long we may be over taking their place
  • Got a new library card. Surprisingly good library for a two cow town
  • I setup an office and started work from our new location. (IP phones are great. Plug and go.)
  • Built a great snow cave behind the house. Polly thinks a bear might hibernate in it.
  • Started looking at housing options and tree purchasing
A nice surprise is our ability to excercise. We have started going to a gym every morning where we make our kids run 30 laps around the gym. I almost busted Ringo's leg when we were playing soccer. I stepped on his leg/shin and he crumbled. I was sure I maimed him for life. Awful feeling for a dad. He hobbled around for a day or so but seems to be fine.

Next week on my agenda is to find some friends to get either a basketball or floor hockey group going.


  1. Now its time to go sleep in your snow cave!!!

  2. There was soccer sign up today. Their taking regestrations all this week. ages 3+, I signed up for womens legaue. it should be fun.

  3. Hey if you want to play basketball they usually play at the school on Wed. evening starting about 8:30 Men & Women whoever wants to play. Actually I think they start playing Volleyball and then play basketball.