Sunday, March 13, 2011

Weekly Report

The weeks seem to go by really quick. I took the below video this morning. The wind was actually really mild today. How sad is that. If you notice the flag is missing most of the left half due to constantly being whipped to shreds.
We spent the week looking for potential house plans. Didn't really get anywhere on it but we are getting closer to deciding.

We are almost set up with our power. When I said before that we had power in it was mostly true. I found out that there was no meter in the panel box. After several calls I figured out I needed to get a meter permit that costs $120 so the electrical distributor can put in the meter. I think I have that worked out so will get a meter in shortly. Also found out the distribution charges are a terribly high amount ($115 plus per month) compared to living in the city. Guess it's not too cheap to live out in the middle of no where.

No Meter
Sprouted the week away as well. Got wheat, rye, pinto beans and almonds going.
I just did the sprouts on some glass plates. They worked well. The glass bottle method worked good for wheat.
I always thought sprouts were really big like grass. Really they are best eaten when they are smaller. If they get too big they turn bitter and lose some of their nutritional value.

Went out on the land and took this picture. I should have bought your fancy camera Chocolate Thunder. Instead you get a very blurry view of about 20 deer feasting away on our stubble field.

Those aren't dogs Barnabas
One last video. We spend lots of time thinking about where we are going to put our house. It's changed about 20 times in the past month but here's a choppy video of the view.
Next week I hope to order some trees for planting and work through development application stuff. We are also looking for a Jersey cow. Let me know if you have any leads I can follow up on.

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