Saturday, March 12, 2011

What to do at 82?

Greybeard was getting itchy and needed to get out of the house. Just so happened that the immense wood pile he collected last year was just about finished. So we headed down to the land to get enough to last the rest of the season. The ground is still hard but the weather was beautiful.
Pretty spry for an 82 year old
Some willows on our land are in great disrepair. We spent the day loading up wood and cutting down dead willows.

Posing in my very trendy brown pants
Milly hates those pants. She makes me wear them when working in the hopes they will get a hole in them so she can throw them out.

Got done about 1/4 of the trees that need clearing
You missed a good time Fred
Fred is a professional lumber jack and he promised to come and visit. I'll keep some big willows for you to chop down.

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