Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Willow sticks, crow bars and witches

Getting back on track with digging a well. We have it lined up for the first part of April to start digging.

In preparation I’ve contacted a local witcher. I asked him for his credentials and he said he was shown the secret art by another local guy that has passed on. He feels it in his bones and is going to show me how to do it tomorrow morning. I’m hoping to get the below designation. Wouldn’t that be great to have on your LinkedIn profile?

Think of the great conversation starter, “Yes, I can witch wells. Give me a crow bar and I literally fly through the air and land where there’s water.”

Mr. Witcher said he’s going to bring his crow bar and we’ll hopefully find a willow stick or two down on the place.

I’m saying all of this in a fairly joking manner. But, in all reality I don’t  know what to think. I’m guessing some people can do it. I have my doubts about my abilities. I bet I could probably use a crow  bar to find pizza or chocolate.

We’ll find out tomorrow.

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