Thursday, April 21, 2011

Herbal healing update

I took pictures of my leg every day this week to see if there is any difference from one day to the next. If you remember what my ankle started out like this is a drastic improvement. This is exactly two weeks to the night of when I showed how old I really am. I feel much better and can walk almost without a gimp. It still aches and is hard to turn to the right. I feel a bit like an overloaded semi that doesn’t turn good to the right.


So did the herbal potion mumbo jumbo work? I think it helped. It certainly didn’t hurt. Time heals all wounds so that was a factor as well as it has been two weeks.

I sure did like getting all that attention from Milly. She’s a really good medicine woman and I really liked the ankle rubs with ointments including castor oil, cayenne pepper, olive oil, etc.

Milly pointed out that when dealing with herbal remedies it is silly to expect miracles overnight. The herbs are plants not potent antibiotics or HCG. But with constant care the healing will happen and often with less side effects on the rest of the body.

I feel like going out and busting my other ankle so I can try out more healing ointments. Anyone want to play basketball?

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