Sunday, April 17, 2011

Herbal healing with a poopy diaper

After suffering through a week of pain and agony I am willing to try anything. Here is what my ankles look like now.

foot 003

Milly concocted a healing mash and applied it to my ankle. At first we put some of it in a cloth and secured the mash with a plastic bag. That seemed to waste most of the goopy stuff so we altered our approach and applied it right to the skin.

foot 006

Our one year old was quite concerned to see Milly applying a poopy diaper to my ankle. It looked and I suppose felt like excretion but it smelled heavenly.

foot 015

The mash contained Marshmallow root, Comfrey, and Elder Flower.

  foot 017

I don’t think I’d eat this brew.

foot 018

I supposed our one year old had reason to be disconcerted with us applying such a mess to my ankle on purpose.

foot 010

Maddox came by and checked our crazy business out. I’m not sure he’s convinced with our methods.

 foot 008

I’ll report what comes from this experiment. I’ll stop posting all the disgusting pictures but thought you might be entertained by my willingness to be plastered with manure.


  1. let me know if it works. Hey did you pay for the spring glen park yet?