Tuesday, April 5, 2011

More well troubles, chickens, and stuck in the muck

We were scheduled to have our well dug tomorrow but the digger called up tonight and said his main helper quit on him this afternoon. I think the helper decided he wanted to be on American Idol and he needed to be in LA for tryouts. Look for a well driller on the next round of talent. ha.

So if anyone knows of someone looking for work and has a H2s and First Aid cert and a class 3 license I would appreciate you having them contact my driller so I can get my well dug soon.

Got my first lead on chickens. An old friend called up looking for guidance on finding farm supplies. I wasn’t sure why he thought I’d know how to help him. He’s a true blue regular farmer and I’m a wannabe/hope to be farmer. I wondered if maybe he had heard of my famous blog?  Nope, it wasn’t that. 

Ended up he was only looking for a phone number from the place we just moved from so it ended up I could help him with that.  But he did say he was ordering chickens from a place up north and said I could add my order to his. I think in a month we could be in the chicken business.

Got stuck in the muck again this weekend with my cousin Molar (new addition to Who’s Who page). He brought down this fancy new truck and was itching to try it out. He came over with his three boys and I took him for a little ride out to Barnabas alley(maybe it should be called the Barney hole). Yup, I’ve named my mud bog after Barney. I almost tempted Molar to try the dreaded hole Barney and Betty  got stuck in but ended up going around the easy way like wimpy folk.

But we didn’t get far until we went a foot deep into quick sand by the river. We had left our families back at the fire to have a hot dog roast and it was just Molar and me. And once again I started thinking about walking back for that dang tractor. After a while we rocked back and forth, cussed, prayed a bit and with my brute strength I pushed him out. Ha. Not really. We just stuck a bunch of wood underneath the tires and finally got out of the quick sand.

You would think I’d learn not to take people over that way. Oh well, what else do I have to do? My well won’t be dug till the 18th.

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