Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Which would you rather have: a pot of gold or water?

We have had an amazing experience over the past couple of days. We didn’t win the lottery or stumble upon a pot of gold but it does kind of feel like we hit the jackpot. We finally got our ducks in a row and finished drilling our well.

It’s quite a site to see the drilling rig set up and chomping away at the ground and knowing if you get just a bit of water life on the farm will be so much simplified. No cistern, hauling water for personal and farm use etc.

The day started out with the drilling truck sliding down the hill and instead of fighting the odds they let the truck loose and made a run for it. The truck came up the other side of the coulee without too much trouble so that was a good decision. As you can see in the pictures below we had a spring snow storm come in the day before which made the site muddy and mucky.

Here is the rig and water truck.

well 013

Up close view of the equipment.

well 018

We had him dig at the top of the ridge so they jacked up the front of the rig to get even.

well 043

Screen put in at the bottom of the casing. This screen is 10 feet long and welded onto a smaller casing that goes down the outside casing.

well2 013

This flange at the top stops water from coming up the well casing and ensures the water needs to travel through the screen.

well2 010

You can see how long the insert is.

well2 009

I have lots of video footage but this one has the water coming out so is probably the most exciting. Although you have to sit through my kids screaming and yelling in the truck.


This video describes the days activities pretty well.


The drillers finished up today. He drilled down 100 feet, 30 of which was in gravel and sand. They tested the well rate and found it to be over 60 gallons per minute which is spectacular. A house setup can function anywhere above 5 gallons per minute without a cistern. We are very happy with the results.

We just so happen to dig on top of the spot that the professional well witcher (and the unprofessional witcher, myself) decided was the best spot on the whole property. The only thing that could have been better is hitting oil or that illusive pot of gold.

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  1. that was a neat video about your well.It is great you will have a good amount of water. That will be so much better than hauling it. At least we will know when we come out to visit you we can have a drink of water.HA HA love you .Shorty