Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Cutey Pie, fencing cheaply, and medicinal plants

Before I get to the fencing I can’t resist showing how much little Polly loves her berry milkshake. Pretty just like her mama.

house 052 

Spent the weekend trying to put up a fence around our little garden.

We had to pull out this old page wire out of a garbage deposit. Ringo would shout directions as I floored the Yota. Amazingly enough I think we have about 20 bundles of wire like this that we can use. It may end up looking like a rusted out mess but I’m hoping it will do the trick for now.

house 060

I bummed some old cedar posts off of Milly’s uncle (Earl, new addition to Who’s Who) and found some page wire thrown away on the land. I hear we have to build a fence 10 feet high to ensure deer won’t jump over. I’m hoping a 7 or 8 foot high fence will do. house 061

It feels like a fortress we are trying to build. Got done the posts and the first round of wire along the bottom. The used wire has a bunch of holes so we’ll have to patch and make due. After finding out 10 foot high poles cost something like $18 a piece I decided to make due with ugly wire and 100 year old posts. Hopefully that won’t be a mistake. I’d hate to plant and water a whole garden just to get it eaten.

I’d like to make sure everyone understands my thinking on making due. It’s not that I’m cheap or think this is the best way to go. I merely want to keep things simple at first until I can figure out what’s worth spending money on and what’s not. The minute I spend money on anything I then complicate future decision. Decisions that will probably be better thought out due to more understanding and experience.

house 062

Milly was in high heaven when she found this plant on the land. This is Yarrow. I guess it has some magic healing power and is good for anything from coughs and sniffles to diarrhea.

house 064

You collect it then put it in oil or water and then can use is as an application on various and sundry ailments.

house 063

It looked like a weed to me. Glad I have a medicine woman in the family.


  1. Munch, munch...
    Please hurry and finish the planting and watering! We need a break from this grass down here in the coolee!!
    P.S. The tree twigs were a tasty treat, too (thanks)!
    P.S.S. You can fire that silly bb gun into the air all you want...we don't mind!

  2. Very clever. I appreciate you routing me on Mr. Deer. I'll do my best to keep you fed. Milly is down planting right now.