Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Garden and tree line

We decided for this first year we would make our garden smaller than it will eventually end up. We rototilled a spot 24’ by 24’. That sounds kind of big but it really looks small compared to the huge gardens I remember having as a kid.

A lot of seeds will go in this Saturday if all goes well. That is if we have time after planting 275 trees. We hear that the term trees is a little misleading. It’ll probably be more like planting twigs but hey, they were cheap and we have time.

garden 002

It’s May and the kids are still dressed from head to toe as it’s still a cool 5 to 10 degrees Celsius.

garden 003

I think this ended up to be 250 feet of a 5 foot swath. We dug a trench down the middle in preparation to planting the trees.

garden 004 garden 005

Here’s a video of how long this trail is. Ringo is at the far end working back to me while we made a trench down the path. We are going to try a few rain harvesting techniques such as making a rain basin where the trees are. This includes sloping the dirt so the water collected will end up where the trees are.

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