Saturday, May 7, 2011

Make versus buy and tree update

It’s been a busy couple of days. Milly and Queenie made soap. I’ll have to make some myself to document the process. I asked Milly to do so but she couldn’t figure out how to use the camera. I caught a few pictures after they were done. Plain Jane vanilla and cocoa butter swirl were the flavors of the day. Six short weeks and these will be ready to use.

trees 002trees 021

Another make or buy update. We were planting a bunch of twigs today. I keep saying twigs as I’m kind of laughing at what we got versus what I thought we were going to get. When I ordered 275 trees I imagined having to bring a trailer in to haul all the trees back out. This is what we got.trees 009

That is 25 trees. The whole 275 fit in a small plastic bag and could fit in the back seat of our car. So yes, they are twigs. But hey, it only cost $5 in transport fees and a bunch of work to get them planted. Hopefully they grow.

On to the other make or buy decision today. We needed to water these trees and the pump is not yet in our well. I could have went out and bought a water truck but instead decided to jimmy rig a watering truck of my own.

trees 006

It’s a thing of beauty. Can put a hose off the spout and drive down the rows while Ringo waters the plants. This is my current farm truck. Can’t beat a 1979 Toyota. We even got farm plates for this bad boy.

trees 008 

I bet you don’t see potty training occurring out in the middle of the bald prairie. Little Molly is just figuring things out so we thought the green grass would be way better then cleaning things up around Dancing Queens place. (huh, Dancing Queen and Queenie. I better think about adjusting that name. Ok, change of name. Queenie shall hereafter be know as Cocoa.)

trees 012

The only brave souls to answer the tree planting call. Speedy came out with his three daughters Tulip, Petunia, and Daisy. (more additions to Who’s Who). They were great help. I’m sure we’d still be there if it wasn’t for them.

trees 013 

I let Petunia and Tulip drive the Yota today. I think it scared Tulip when the truck started heading down the hill and she didn’t know how to stop. First time for these brave souls to drive a stick shift. Don’t get made Sunflower. They were in good hands with me and speedy.

trees 014

So if you look really close you can see the twigs planted. They are there. All 200 Caragana and 25 Choke Cherry trees.

trees 017 trees 018

We are still trying to decide where to put the other 25 Choke cherry trees. I think they will need to go closer to where we are going to put the house.trees 020

trees 019    

We were going to plant our garden but the wind was howling and Milly decided she wanted to plan the garden instead of throwing seeds in the ground as I suggested.

So it was a busy couple of days. Still have the garden to plant but we feel good in all that we got done today.

I’m glad at least someone on The Simple Farm knows how to use those doohickies they call a camera.


  1. Hey, we came out to help you around 12:30 but no one was there. You must have been done by then but that was the soonest we could come after the youth activity. We will be happy to help next time!!

  2. Sounds like about when we went in for lunch. If we'd have known you were gluttens for punishment we'd have had you bring over the troops. With your 12 kids we could have had this done in no time.