Friday, May 6, 2011

Make versus buy

Its amazing how consumer oriented I am. When faced with an issue I often think of things I can buy to resolve this issue.

For example, the other day when planning our trees and garden I thought “I could really use some doweling rods to mark the garden with.” I almost jumped in the car and ran to town to buy doweling. I then realized I could probably make some sticks by chopping up some old fence posts that have been discarded on the land. Same result albeit not very fancy.

It’s not just the cost involved for buying things that made me stop and think. It’s the travel and time to buy anything. We are really out in the middle of nowhere. To get to the closest mom and pop store is a minimum of half an hour by the time I load up the kids, say hi to everyone I meet, drive back out to the land. If I go to the big city it’s a half day trip minimum.

This led me to think of things I could probably make versus having to buy them at a store.

Here are some things I thought about:

- Groceries – Veggies, milk, meat, eggs, etc.

- Gravel – have some pit run I could use on the land

- Firewood – have trees I can cut up

- Feed for animals

- Soap – Milly made some tonight with Rico’s wife Queenie (new addition to who’s who)

- House

- Chicken coop


Any idea’s on things I can make versus having to buy?

Planting 275 twigs/trees tomorrow and hopefully our garden. Starting to work on that grocery making thing.


  1. Captain Von TrapMay 7, 2011 at 12:35 AM

    Moses - Captain Von Trap here. Maria and I stayed up late and watched a movie. That was our way of celebrating 19 years. I've recently learned of your blog, and this is the first entry I've read. Things you can make rather than buy... I'm working on making [another] handmade knife from scratch. I gave the last one to my brother, who dresses as a mountain man from time to time. It goes well with his outfit. I'll let you know how this next one goes. It's from a worn out file. The blade will be very hard to sharpen, but will stay sharp for a long time. Frederick and I both made knives a couple years ago, and then sheathes. I'm glad to read that your family is doing well.

  2. Oh Captain, my captain. Glad to hear you finally found the blog. I've posted about your efforts many times in the past. I love the knife idea. Hope your mountain man brother appreciates your skills. Maybe you guys should plan on making the short trip up to Canada to visit us some time this summer. Got a whole riverbottem for you to explore and Waterton is only 45 minutes away.

    Give our best to Maria and the kids.