Monday, May 2, 2011

Stressful gardening

My ordering 275 trees for this Thursday finally came to a head. I knew that eventually I was going to get a talking to if not a yelling at by my dear wife of 14 years tomorrow.

In preparation for these trees we needed to get a significant amount of land tilled up and I suppose the placement is kind of important. It’s the start of a shelterbelt that will hopefully be the start of a microclimate that will block out wind and harvest rain water.

Well I arranged to have Penelope’s father in law come over with his tractor and rototiller to chew up the native prairie soil. He was supposed to come over on Tuesday but called today and asked if he could do it within the hour. Just the thought of breaking up land is enough to put Milly into a higher state of sensitivity let alone the added pressure to decide within an hour where to put all these trees.

We headed over to the land and modified where I originally staked out our garden to face due South. We then marked off 250 feet of space 25 feet away from our property boundary (required by law). It was a beautiful site to see the dark black soil foaming out of the back of the rototiller. Milly didn’t quite have the same positive thoughts I did but she was rather brave and even marked off an additional 50 feet of space.

So we have a garden space tilled up and 300 feet space waiting for our tree planting party this Saturday.

Any one want to come and help plant trees? There’s bound to be free food and lively entertainment. I could also use someone there to so I don’t get yelled at. Milly usually acts quite civilized in front of company. ha.


  1. I would be there with bells on if I lived a little closer. Have fun!

  2. All Austrailian's are more than welcome, bells or not.