Thursday, May 5, 2011

Tools I’ve used on The Simple Farm

I’m a greenhorn when it comes to farming. I try to act like I know what I’m doing in front of Ringo, Polly, and Molly (I’m their dad and don’t want them to know yet that I don’t have a clue) but I’m really just guessing. I ask Ringo his opinion some times as I figure his guess is as good as mine.
That being said I've started to make a list of tools I’ve used as we’ve started this farming endeavor in the hopes that any other greenhorns may find it useful.

I often tell Milly we should buy a certain tool or machine and she usually smirks and says “what for, you’re not a farmer”. Too true. So to keep things simple I’ve tried to limit my investment in heavy duty supplies so I can start off small and perhaps grow over time if it seems right.
Here is a list of tools I’ve used in the past year on The Simple Farm.

Often used tools as of 05/05/2011
Chainsaw – We have lots of trees we need to clean up. Will use for gathering wood for winter.
Toe rope – Used to pull trees out
Fencing pliers
Wire stretcher for fence
Truck – Borrowed mostly. I just registered a 1978 Toyota truck my dad gave me 2 years ago. Should do until we get rich from farming and can get a big truck.
Computer – To look things up online for instructions on how to do things.
Crescent Wrench
Bucket – For water, collecting things
Gas Can
Additions 11/09/2011
Post hole digger
Water hose
Water trough and/or bucket
Volcano oven
Post maul
Tool belt
Tarps galore
Additions 12/29/2011
Pocket knife- a must have. I used it several times a day
Chains - to drag things
Steel barrels- Store things in and haul water
Gloves - I usually get 3 pairs for around $20 from Costco
Winter clothes - It fun being outside when you are warm.
Gum boots
Hand saw
Tarp straps

Gun – I have a .22, shot gun, and a 30-30. We have some dogs roaming the place so I keep the 30 – 30 close just in case.
Draw knife – To peel logs

Wish list
Chainsaw of my own. I’ve borrowed Greybeard and Elvis chain saw in the mean time.
Electric fencing equipment – Need to get shortly for chickens and goats.
Tractor with rototiller, lawn mower, and plow
Big 4x4 truck
Heated water trough

The above lists will grow. You can see my wish list is all relatively expensive things so the items may stay on the wish list for a long time.
A little advice for those just starting out. Find everything used or borrow until the time comes that a purchase is necessary.
Hopefully I can take my own advice and keep it simple.
Any other frequently used tools I’m missing?


  1. It seems you left off the all-important crow bar and willow branch (for WITCHING wells)!!!!!

    HAHA!! Good luck with that BIG 4x4 truck! Just'll plenty of good use from a PIPE WRENCH (get 2 - trust me) when you start plumbing in water and sewer!!!

  2. Toe rope- something you tie around one of those digits on your feet to um.. I don't know why...
    Tow rope- something you tie on the back of your truck and tie the other end on a log to pull down to the wood shed.

  3. I just bought a hobby farm here in oz =) this has been invaluable, thanks heaps mate!!!