Sunday, May 22, 2011

Weekly update

The semi square foot garden is taking shape. You can see we have planted 4 foot sections and made pathways in between. Twine string works great for setting out the area with stakes we made out of old fence posts.

The parsnips are coming up and all the cold weather crops are in. We decided to wait another week in case another hard frost comes. We just had frost a couple of days ago and I’m not convinced the cold weather is completely gone.

Milly is admiring the toils of her labors here while trying to combat the millions of mosquitoes that seem to have appeared overnight.

 garden 003

Here’s our watering solution until we get our pump and services for the well. The steel barrels where $8 a piece and are from a local food processing plant.

garden 004

Molly started riding her bike without training wheels for the first time this weekend. Ringo showed her how to start while we were in the house and she was off and riding.

garden 013

We rode bikes to a local ice cream parlor. If you are in the mood for great ice cream we know just the place.

garden 014

Ringo didn’t want to share his ice cream cone with me. I think I’ve seen this exact face on Milly a time or two when I’ve been acting up.

garden 015

Back of the Yota. That T looking tool is a post hole digger. It works great. A few twists and you can go to the center of the earth fairly easily.

garden 018

Brother and sister ready for church. I need to make sure I document the fact that these two actually like each other before they grow up and get to be grumpy teenagers.

garden 019

Molly inviting over Rico and Cocoa for whole wheat chocolate chip cookies. On my last business trip I went to a concert where they were handing out these geeky glasses. Molly just loves them and wears them all the time.

garden 024

Rico sporting the chocolate chip smiley face. I think he likes the cookies.

garden 026

Rico’s daughter (better think of a name for her. Any suggestions?) with Molly looking on. I love those big blue eyes.

garden 027

It was a great week on The Simple Farm. Next up is finishing the garden planting and deciding where to put our house. Oh ya, we got chicks and maybe ducks coming so need to build or find a coop. Also considering getting a couple of goats to milk and mow our lawn.  Busy, busy.


  1. I thought you did'nt like goat milk? If you do get goats I wouldn't mind alittle of the milk.:)

  2. If you come and milk them you are welcome to the milk.