Monday, June 27, 2011

Building a simple fence

We decided to move our cow next to Greybeard and Dancing Queens place since we are still in the process of building our place and we don’t want to commute to the other side of the metropolis to milk the cow. Luckily Dancing Queens sister has an empty acre lot next to the place with lots of grass. (I better add them to the Who’s Who. How about Chattie and Tinker?)

I kind of feel bad for Greybeard and DQ. They have a regular farmhouse now and are the talk of the town. That’s what happens when you let your crazy daughter and son in law move in. Note to self: never let Ringo, Molly or Polly move in when they are older. Invest in a rental property a couple of miles away for future sanity sake.

Anyways, Here is what I did to build a fence. It took about 8 hours and is quite conveniently located a stones throw from the mayor of the town.

I count my lucky stars every time I use this wonderful truck. Thanks Elvis for the Yota. It’s the best farm truck ever.

cow 300

Scavenged some 100 year old fence posts out of Uncle Earl’s fence post graveyard.

cow 299

Child labor at it’s finest. Ringo did most of the fencing. I just sat around and took pictures.

cow 313cow 311cow 310cow 309

This is a pretty useful tool. Push it into the ground and turn. The ground was wet so the earth came up pretty easily. You can add water in the hole if the ground is hard.

cow 308

That is like a 25 LBS post maul. Ringo is slinging it around like it’s a toy.

cow 305cow 304cow 303cow 302

We got it kind of straight. You put in your corner posts then run a wire from one end to the other. Then dig holes next to the wire.

I found a bunch of old wire on our land and stretched that as well as I could. I used a fence stretcher but I didn’t get the braces in too well. You need to be perfectly horizontal on the braces or it pops the corner post out. I used some duct tape for now since this is only going to be a short term solution until we move.

cow 306

The fence is completed and the cow is snugly secured in the area. I’ll take pictures so you can see the completed area. We’ll have to tear the whole thing down in a couple of months but it was pretty easy. Especially since Ringo did all the work. Maybe I can get him to tear it down as well when the time is right.

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