Monday, June 13, 2011

Eleven year old scout camp/father and sons at The Simple Farm

I happen to be the eleven year old scout master in our area and this weekend we had the chance to go camping down on our land. It was flooding in the river bottom so we camped up on higher ground. We had a good group there including several eleven year old scouts. We also had several younger fellows and their dads. Here’s a few pictures.

Everyone checking out the hockey games score on various phone devices. Notice it’s the adults that are utilizing the phones and not the boys. Noodle’s the tall skinny guy on the left

camp 001

Eleven year old scout “GQ” (New addition to Who’s Who. Notice the stylish hair) making hot chocolate on the fire.

camp 005

GQ showing off the burn from making hot chocolate.

camp 006

Last tent standing. We made the eleven year olds put up their tents and take it down. I heard one of them say “Man, this is real scouting.” I guess it’s real scouting if no one puts up your tent for you.

camp 008


I had a big bucket of water to put out the fire. I happen to miss pouring it into a 5 gallon bucket and it landed on Speedy instead. He didn’t even get mad at me. I was ready to be thrown in the river but he took it easy on me.

camp 011

Everyone had to start their own fires for a badge requirement. Even Ringo got his fire started.

camp 012 camp 014 camp 015 camp 017

Leaving no trace. Snap dragon even planted trees over his fire spot. Can you tell where his fire was?

camp 019 camp 020

First hand video of the adventure.


  1. It looks like you (leaders) forgot to instruct the little Pyros in the fine art of building a fire in a "clear area".

  2. This was the clearest spot we could find. The river was way high so couldn't get down onto the sand or rocks. And we wanted to be close to water as we had a 5 gallon bucket to pour over the fires when we were done.

    The river bottom was so wet it was amazing we got anything to light.