Thursday, June 9, 2011

Flood update, garden growing still

The flood watch is in full swing here. I went down on the land this morning and looked around. The two pictures below says it all. Those are flowing rivers where there usually isn’t any water.

garden 008

We were supposed to have a scout camp/father and sons outing down here this weekend but we will probably have to wuss out and camp near higher ground. I suppose Be Prepared is the scouting motto and I really don’t like the thought of waking up to a tidal wave in the middle of the night.

garden 007

I thought our garden would be washed out with all this rain but things are doing quite well. Here’s a potato plant coming through.

garden 001

The onions are doing rather well. Probably the best out of all the veggies.

garden 002

Pea’s are up and coming along.

garden 005

And the comfrey is doing well. I can’t remember how to spell Mullin but it’s some kind of herbal plant. Milly will correct me in the morning if Lucy doesn’t beat her to it.

garden 006 

I’m tempted to put up this sign down on the land. Molly thought this sign meant “watch out for deer tickling” but I’m guessing deer don’t tickle too often.

waterton 043 

What do you think this sign could mean?


  1. The sign could mean you have angry deer in your

  2. the man looks like he is being tickled! WATCH OUT PEOPLE! do not go too close to a deer and if you do you will be tickled to death!!!