Monday, June 13, 2011

I’m sorry to tell you this but….

Milly, Ringo and I went over to get some professional advice from Milly’s retired farming uncle Earl tonight. We have some big things happening in the next week or so (I’ll blog about it when it’s official) and needed some advice on how best to accomplish some simple farming techniques.

We spent about four hours with Uncle Earl and I swear we heard “I’m sorry to tell you this but….” about 20 times. That phrase usually came after a snicker or deep throated chuckle along with a huge smile. I’m sure Uncle Earl thinks we are nuts.

A few phrases I remember were “Who in their right minds would use a mobile chicken coop?” and “You can’t do that, you’ll kill your animal.” Or “Why waste all your time doing that?”

Milly came home quite discouraged and leaned on Greybeard for some comfort. “Please tell me we’re not totally crazy daddy?” His encouraging reply was something like “You’re not totally crazy?”

So there you have it. We’re not totally crazy.

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