Thursday, June 30, 2011

Poultry Palace

I have a tendency to over do things. What started out as a simple chicken coop ended up being a clucking castle.

Chicken 099

Greybeard had a huge window hanging around and he installed it for his fine feathered friends.

Chicken 103

Notice the fine air vents made out of the back of a refrigerator.

Chicken 100

Ringo helped put up the chicken run. If you can notice the wire he’s holding. I’m not too proud to say I found that roll at the dump. I kind of sneakily pulled the Yota up at the wire pile and loaded a perfectly useable roll of chicken wire then took off before the attendant could question my findings.

Chicken 088

These overhangs where a little unnecessary but I like them none the less. It kind of makes this coop look like it’s going to fly away.

Chicken 104

The ladies out in the yard. We acquired 9 older hens from a friend in a nearby town.

Chicken 106

Vent in the upper back of the mansion.

Chicken 102

Hard at work eating.

Chicken 101

Ringo with our first ever egg.

Chicken 049

Here’s where that went.

Chicken 050

We are now getting about 3 to 5 eggs a day from our chickens. I think another 100 or so chickens should get us enough for our family.

Then again, I do have a tendency to over do things. Maybe I’ll stick to 20 hens? Well, maybe 30? I don’t know. A hundred doesn’t sound like that many birds.


  1. Bawahh!!
    Won't the chickens produce 1-2 eggs per day?
    What would you do with that many eggs?!?
    Love your sneaky find...good eye!

  2. Chicken Little, InspectorJuly 5, 2011 at 10:02 AM

    Bwaak! This Poultry Palace is NICE! Thanks!