Thursday, July 28, 2011

Farm fashion

Milly is always very distraught with my sense of fashion. I can’t really tell what matches nor really care how I look especially when I’m working.

Take these pictures for example. I was out helping to pour the footings in our basement with our basement contractor.

Milly isn’t very fond of my bright orange shirts I picked up at my last conference but Ringo thinks they are cool and the concrete guy didn’t make any comments.

summer 064

My shirt matches the concrete drivers gloves and vests. I’m sure he coordinated his outfit with mine.summer 078

Pouring footings for our basement. I was surprised to see my basement guy in shorts. I bet his wife didn’t check his outfit when he went out the door either. He actually figured out his shirt was on backwards after we were done pouring.

summer 055

I didn’t know that “Ask me about hosting” saying showed up so well. When I was at my last conference and I was wearing this shirt and someone came up and said “What about hosting?”. I didn’t know what he meant until I took off the shirt and looked at the back.

summer 049

Footings filling up with concrete.

summer 041

The forms for footings were made out of 2 x 6 boards held up by metal stakes.

summer 036

Here’s the concrete footing we are going to put our masonry stove supports on. Another 4 inches of concrete go on top when the basement is slab is poured.

summer 088

View of the completed footings job.

summer 080

Ringo was the concrete wheel barrow guy. Amazing how much work I can get out of one kid.

summer 057

I guess I put these pictures in a little mixed up. Here’s me looking tough throwing in cement wherever I was told to.

summer 072

We are less than precise at this point. We did have a fancy tool telling us if we were close to the 8 inches we wanted the footing to be.

summer 066

More precision work.

summer 068

After many years of complaints and constant pressure I’ve learned to always check with my professional wardrobe consultant to make sure I am properly suited to be seen in public. I even check to make sure my potential choice of outfits will work out when I’m away at conferences.

Too bad for Milly there is hardly any public places where we live. Nine times out of ten I’m in my bright orange shirts and old man blue jeans I got for $7 at Costco.

I’m glad I’m already married and don’t need to worry about fashion anymore. I’d be in real trouble if I had to convince Milly to marry me again.

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  1. Tell Milly that I am sorry but I love an orange shirt. I am so excited about Footings, guess you will really have to stay and build a house now!!! Tee Hee.