Sunday, July 24, 2011

I have never felt like such a city slicker in my whole life

Meet Maverick and Charley and family (New additions to Who’s Who.) Maverick is one of my favorite cousins from my childhood along with his twin brother Molar. Maverick and his family were visiting our neck of the woods and delighted us with a drive by visit.

summer 002

California to Canada is about a 24 hour drive. They headed 6 hours north so can only imagine the amount of screaming and yelling that occurred in this trip.

summer 009

We showed these top gun characters around the place. Ringo even climbed to the top of the dirt pile to see what he could see.

summer 003

If Ringo wasn’t already properly named I’d probably rename him Goose.

summer 004

Why the post about a long lost cousin?

I think this picture will forever remain in my memory as I hauled the crew around the farm. Charlie was relegated to the back of the Yota and crammed among all the refuse and waste. You can see her stylish appearance and obligatory smile as she burst forth her real feelings: I’ve never felt like such a city slicker in my whole life.

summer 005redone

I remember the exact feelings of coming home to the country after being immersed in the bright lights and manicured lawns of the big city. How odd and out of place it feels to visit a place like this.

Funny enough I had the exact opposite experience last week. I had to take an extended business trip to California and felt like a country bumpkin for the first week or so. Who am I kidding? I was a fish out of water the whole 10 days I was gone.

You know you are a country kid when you itch to milk a cow every day you are away from the farm.

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  1. Thanks for posting the pictures of Nathan and his family.It was nice that you had the chance to spend a little time with them. His mom and dad called last night and they are coming down to the temple on Sat.their temple in Edmonton is closed for a couple of weeks. Love you.Shorty