Friday, July 15, 2011

Milking cows in Los Angeles

I just wanted Milly to know I milked my share of cows while I was in LA.

It was kind of funny. They had two pretty milk maids there with the cow and I asked if I could take a picture and I think they were used to being in the photo with all the geeky techies gawking at them. I asked if they’d back away as I wanted a clear shot of this bovine darling.

The milk maids looked stunned and speechless as I grabbed onto the appropriate appendages and started squeezing.

cow at wpc

You can take the boy off the farm but not the farm out of the boy.


  1. nice uncle doug nice cow milking. LOL love tulip

  2. this is my friend salem hhhiiii!!!!! she sez you are crepy and i agrey with her and your family shoud come and stay hear at our house love tulip