Monday, July 25, 2011

Milly is cussing my name right now

I suppose I deserve to be cussed out every now and then.

Last week we were given the opportunity to acquire another 20 chickens. (I told you 30 total may be a good place to end up.) By acquire I mean we have a good friend that is getting rid of a bunch of roosters and told us if we’d take the chicks she’d throw in a couple of Americana hens. We (meaning me) jumped at the chance. My thought process was the following:

  1. We already have 13 birds what’s a few more
  2. We could use the roosters as meat birds if they don’t attack our kids first making us have to get rid of them sooner rather than later
  3. They are free
  4. We already have a chicken coop and would only need to expand our current setup just slightly. And when we move out to our land full time we’ll have room for a lot more

Well, I told Milly today was the day she needed to pick the birds up. It just so happens that tomorrow is her scheduled “Outdoor cooking class”. You know the one that was cancelled that we did all this preparation for. The one the she has to get ready for all today.

I’ve been cautiously looking out the door the past 4 hours as Milly, Ringo, Polly, Molly and Greybeard chase down 20 chicks that just seem to instinctively know how to find all the escape routes on our chicken coop. I guess there are a few holes in my clucking Castle enclosement and the slight modifications theory may be an understatement.

I suppose I should head out and help with the process. Milly will really be whooping when she finds out I was inside writing a blog as she was out attending to my mess.

Ya, I suppose I do deserve a good cussing at every now and again.

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