Saturday, July 9, 2011

What to do with a Jersey steer?

Rosebud is a beautiful Jersey cow. Look at those skinny hip bones and big head. Just the type of body that produces a large amount of milk on a daily basis. One thing about Jersey cows however is is when they have a steer what in the world do you do with it. It’s mostly skin and bones. That’s why the dairy farms mostly just give away the male offspring.

When we bought Rosebud sunshine and lightning said they had a steer that they’d throw it in on the deal.

Cow 003

We were told the calf will grow to around a 1000 pounds and we’ll get about 500 lbs of meat when we butcher. If you are a beef rancher that is a lot of loss. For us 500 lbs will last us about five to ten years.

Our calf was dubbed Monkey and we put him out on the range with some real beef cows. Hopefully the association will be good for his disposition.

Cow 091

You ain’t that big son!

Cow 096

Who can beat the view.

Cow 095

Grow baby Grow.

Cow 094

I’m hoping this grass fed beef will be nice and tasty come this fall or next summer. You can see this calf is not pure jersey. This is a Jersey/Speckle Park (SP?) mix.

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  1. I had no idea the monkey is not a full jersey love tulip