Monday, August 15, 2011

Adventures in milking a cow

It’s not always a good experience to milk a cow. This morning I was milking and Rosebud wouldn’t stand still. I was wondering what the deal was when I hear a tremendous PLOP, PLOP, PLOP. Manure was falling from the sky it seemed. I grabbed the pail and ducked for cover.

After the deed was done I moved Rosebud over and figured I was good for the rest of the milking. However, the dang cow kept moving around and being overall twitchy and irritated. I was again wondering what was going on when I heard a rushing river barreling out of the cow. Once again I jumped for cover while grabbing the pail and waited until the deed was done.

Assured that there were no other natural excrements possible I went to sit down on the stool to get back to work. I somehow misjudged the seat and tipped over backward. Tilting backward I put my hand down to save me from falling off the stool and guess where my palm firmly planted. Right in the middle of a smooth, creamy, steaming cow pie. Uggh.

Usually I like milking the cow but this morning I came pretty close to swearing.


  1. If u don't swear your not a true farmer! Lol

  2. MOO! ;-)
    I am in the city of Edmonton. I called shaw cable today and they are NOT airing PW'S show. I will be calling the foodnet work tomorrow to whine!!!
    Theresa In Alberta