Monday, August 8, 2011

Garden fresh vegetables

We had our first real bounty from our garden. The lettuce was a little bitter and the Swiss Chard was beat up from hail but none the less we actually made a meal out of the below. There is sage (the white stuff) and some other herb (the purple flower) that Milly was collecting as well so I guess those are just decorations.

garden 004

I’m sure the below is a farming tradition. How many of you remember shelling peas by the hour/bucket? I remember sitting at the table shucking peas for hours and hours.

We had enough to cover us for a meal. It’s amazing to think of how many peas you’d actually have to get to supply your families needs for the winter. One meal for us was about a gallon of unshelled peas.

We even have on display 3 eggs that came from our own little ladies. We had 4 but Molly put one in her pocket which didn’t make the trip inside. She was quite distraught and I’m guessing she’ll have nightmares when she’s older about eggs crushing in her pants 011

I should have taken a picture of the meal before was done. I didn’t think of it in time so only have one lettuce leaf on display. Trust me. There is no better meal then getting fresh veggies from the garden and cooking them up in homemade butter.

garden 015

Molly said it best. “I could eat that meal every day.” That’s saying something when a kid wants to eat a meal that contains beets, onions, Swiss chard, and lettuce every day.

How’s everyone else’s garden doing?

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