Sunday, August 21, 2011

House designing

We have been struggling through our log house designing the past several weeks and have almost come to an end. I say almost but it still feels like years before this process is actually completed. It needs to come to an end soon if we are going to have any hope to get into this place before snow flies.

We have been utilizing the skills of Barnabas as an engineer to help us with this process. I don’t imagine all his clients can be as dense as us but let me tell you he has the patience of Job.

Gus was over this past weekend and helped us think through a lot of things how this place is all going to be built. It’s fun to discuss all the different things you can do but painful when you actually have to decide. For example, you can’t imagine the discussions we’ve had between I joists, 2 x 10, and 2 x 12 subflooring and the distance between centers for each of those. How can deciding that detail be so difficult?

I’m about ready to start building finalized plan or not.

We drove to Kalispell on Saturday to look at windows. Too bad we have a champagne appetite on a beer budget (quote from greybeard). We could get some really nice looking ones. We took our time coming back to Canada as we had the kids walk most of the way collecting bottles.

I’m thinking this Saturday is the day the subfloor is put on so if you have nothing else to do on one of the last days of summer come on out and laugh at me as I build with only a partial, semi complete house design.

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