Friday, August 5, 2011

Kissing rock

Anyone remember this post about when I tried to move this rock with a pick and shovel? Well, I decided to flex some muscles and really show this big old rock who was boss. Still didn’t work.

That’s when Milly thought she’d use her brains over brawn and asked our excavator to move this for us. With a little scoop of the high hoe this wonderful old rock in now perched overlooking the hay field and river bottom. I love the view and the rock so am looking forward to putting the two together.rock 001

The one big tree where we are building will be an excellent shade tree for the afternoon sun. Now I can sit and laze the day away drinking lemonade and thinking in the shade.

rock 002

The rock also looks over our garden spot as well which we put a sprinkler on for the first time. I’m hoping a little more water will perk up the scraggily looking plants.

rock 003

It’s such a nice thing to see a sprinkler on the garden I’m going to put another picture of it in. I’ve been hand watering the plants for the last few months. The Yota has creaked and groaned with load after load of water barrels filled to the brim.

rock 004

The only thing I’m concerned about with the placement of this rock is the potential romantic influence surrounding such a wonderful vantage point. Just think of how many suitors and sinners I’m going to have to chase off the land with my shotgun in relation to Molly and Polly. Not to mention the surveillance and sacrifice that’s going to be needed to keep Ringo in line.

Other than my kids, anyone else can feel free to come out and try Kissing Rock. Just remember how hard I tried to move and position the rock to get the atmosphere just right for the occasion.

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