Monday, August 1, 2011

Sasquatch in the Saskatoon patch

We were  out throwing rocks in the river yesterday and when we came back to the truck I spied a bunch glorious little purple round globes. Greedily I planted myself in front of a bush and ate for quite a few minutes while no one was around to steal my sustenance.

Then I guntingly mumbled to the rest of the crew that Saskatoon season has finally come.

The funny thing is I didn’t even know we had Saskatoon’s on the land. I was delighted to find heaps and heaps and heaps of berry bushes.

I’ve picked a bunch of berries before but none of them looked as plump and plentiful as these. The bushes are hanging with fruit and they just pour into the bucket handful after handful.

saskatoons 016

Without proper equipment (we loaded our hats with berries and headed home to make Saskatoon ice cream for supper with the sparse leftovers) we decided to go back in the morning.

As you can see we were optimistic with our harvest. Everyone gets a bucket which is held up by a belt or rope around the waist.

saskatoons 014

Ringo was a great help. Milly was a blur. I could never catch a clean picture of her. The orange hat is a dead give away however. It’s kind of like the elusive sasquatch. I’m guessing there will soon be a bounty out on getting a descent facial picture of Milly.

saskatoons 017

Molly showing her hoards of berries as Polly eats everything she or anyone else plunks in her bucket.

saskatoons 022

The orange hat is attached to someone I think. I’m pretty sure it’s not just hanging on the tree. I wonder if the sasquatch captured that hat and is using it as a disguise?

saskatoons 018

Our crew picked five gallons of berries in two hours. That’s not bad for how many berries were eaten before they actually reached the pail.saskatoons 020

The true sign of a good berry picking day.

saskatoons 023

I’m thinking we better go back out again tonight for some more fun.

Anyone want to come and try to find that sasquatch in the bush with us?


  1. Yes, I would love to come with you.

  2. those look a lot like huckleberries. any descritption of the difference? pics?

  3. The only experience I have in picking huckleberries is a trip we took a couple of summers ago with some friends who took us to their secret huckleberry picking spot. We drove for an hour up the mountain while Milly was pregnant (bad decision as every bump I was yelled at for my horrible driving). We picked for several hours and came home with a half a gallon of huckleberries. The huckleberries is sweeter, not as seedy, and incredibly nice in pancakes. But they are way harder to pick and are only grown in the mountains.

    The Saskatoon grows in riverbottoms and can be picked by the handful as they grow in bunches as you see above. They may not taste as good (in my opinion) but they are really nice canned and frozen.

    I think I'd buy the huckleberries for the $30 a gallon if I really wanted them. It's probably worth the cost as it took us probably that much in gas on our little excursion. Of course we love being outside so the trip was still a fun one.