Thursday, August 4, 2011

Well water miracles

We have gone through another miracle in relation to our well. I told you all about our well witching and the results of those silly efforts. Yesterday evening Milly came tearing home and said “We have a problem.”

We had the plumber out to put in our pit less adapter.


Side description: I guess in the old days they used to dig a pit and pour concrete or build a frame around the well. They’d put their pipe from the house out to the pit and then down the hole. Then they developed these fancy new pit less adapters that was connected to the well casing. Works pretty good.

The plumber burned out a couple of drill coring bits to get the hole needed to put this adapter in.

basement 005

The electrical line running out of the well to the house.

basement 006


Back to the story. Milly came rushing home to tell me we have a problem dropping the pump into the well. The plumber got the pump down 82 feet and couldn’t get the line to drop any further. He couldn’t tell what was causing the obstruction nor could he muscle the pump down. The well report said we should suspend the pump at 90 feet so something must be amiss.

Milly came home to call the well driller (since we don’t own a cell phone or any other convenience item of the sort) to see what the deal was. It was late in the day so she only got the voice mail for the office.

Without much to go on I headed down to the land to check out the situation as I had just finished up milking the cow. (I need to do a couple milking cow posts. You better remind me. I have lots to say on this matter.)

When I got down to the land Greybeard and the plumber were shooting the breeze and cussing the well driller. Being the overly confident person I am, I went over to the well head and started banging away at the silly setup. I was sure I could get the pump down the hole. I mean, how hard could it be?

I tried lifting and pounding, swaying and twisting. Heck, I think I even tried kicking the top of the casing but all was for not.

Not knowing what else to do we hauled out the line 10 feet or so. Our only option was to cut off the pipe 8 feet and place the pump up higher than the driller recommended. The plumber marked off 8 feet of pipe and lifted his saw to start the cutting. Just as he did that I heard a horn honking and I saw Milly tearing down the road trying to stop us. I must have been the only one that heard the horn as the plumber continued to start his saw up. I politely stopped him hoping Milly had some good news or something.

Milly pulled up and had some really good news. She had actually talked to the well drillers mother and she promised that her sons report was surly correct.

At that point we could only rely on the confidence of the drillers mother in relation to her sons  so we decided to try it one more time before chopping things up. Mothers have a tendency of being right so what was one more try going to hurt.

Bang, bang, bang. No go. I swish and sway, twist and yank and we are still stuck at 82 feet.

At this point we were all standing around the well head and I could tell Milly was praying her little heart out. If we cut the pipe off there is only 12 to 15 feet of water above the pump. That’s ok but it would be way better down another 10 feet. I decided to join in the prayers as well as the plumber was getting itchy to cut things again.

I had the thought to just kind of move the line back and forth a bit while everyone was talking about how terrible the well driller was etc.

And this is when the miracle occurred. I felt the pump slip in and start to go down again. It slid down 10 more feet. I was whooping and hollering. Milly was jumping for joy. The plumber was scratching his head but jumped to to position the pit less adapter like it should be. I can’t remember feeling so grateful after a prayer was answered.

Now some of you may say that is not a miracle. That’s exactly what should have happened. The drillers mother was right about the drillers integrity, honestly and workmanship. But I’m writing to tell you it was a miracle that we got this well put together like it should be.

I felt it and so did Milly. Heck, even Ringo said “we sure are blessed aren’t we?”

So every time I see water pouring out of our hoses I’m going to think of that miracle. If any of you come and visit you’ll also know you’re drinking from some pretty special water.

basement 004

More pictures:

Pumping system set up in the basement with temporary power.

basement 001

You can see the garden hose attached to the temporary water outlet. The system is setup to pump when the breaker is on.

basement 003

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  1. What a wonderful miricle. Thanks for the faith promoting story. Can't wait to drink some of the special water.