Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Finishing up the log walls

With much pain and effort we finished up the walls. We had the crane for another four hours (16 hours in all) and we put up the other half of the house. Elvis, Speedy, Greybeard, the log king (builder), Milly, Myself and Ringo were our assembly crew.

log house 448

Speedy decided to play fiddler on the wall.

log house 484

Another one of Speedy acting tough on the flatbed that held all the logs.

log house 457 

As a whole the logs came back together fairly nicely. I don’t think they are as tight of fit as they were at the old location but I’m assured that when the roof gets put on most of the gaps will disappear.

log house 487 

The finished product. We are now ready for trusses which will show up in about a week we hope.log house 495

I better show a picture of the Log King. He was pretty happy how things all went together. After we got the walls up he said “pretty good for the first time building a log house by hand.” I was surprised this was the first and only place he has ever done. Good thing he is from Norway and has log building in his veins.

log house 475

The Log King came in after all was said and done and pulled out a hand plane. I all but screamed for him not to do anything to the walls. I like the grey look. But there is another slightly more selfish reason why I didn’t want him to show Milly what fresh wood looks like.

 log house 498

Her immediate response was “Looks like you have a long winter ahead of you. I like the planed logs a lot.” Curse his hide.

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  1. Oh my this home is going to be glorious.I am jealous of the way the two of you are living your lives.