Friday, September 2, 2011

More miracles

I’ve declared before that I am not a farmer. Let me tell you another thing I’m not. A builder of any skill or merit. But none the less here I am, attempting to fashion together some structure we can put our logs on.

We were out today trying to get the joists laid for the subfloor and we saw this deep, dark cloud galloping toward us. Thunder and lightning along with big doses of rain was headed our way. I was pretty bummed as I took the afternoon off to work on the place.

Elvis was out helping and he nonchalantly says, “It’s gonna miss us.”

I knew Elvis is getting fairly old so assumed his declaration was due to being in his declining years.

House 488

All of a sudden the sky opened up and there was a hole in the cloud. All around us it was raining and pouring except for over top of us. It was unbelievable. I still don’t believe it and I was there.

House 490

You can see the rain storm coming here.

House 491

And to the North it was raining as well.

 House 493

No more than a few hundred yards away we could see and hear a massive storm tearing through the prairie.

House 494

I took a few more pictures as proof.

House 495

I love the river bottom view.

House 496 House 497

And back to the hole in the clouds.

House 487 

It was like our guardian angel put an umbrella up for us and said “hurry up, you don’t have all year to get this place put together.”

Sheeting goes on the floor tomorrow. I think we’ll be mostly done if we get an early start and work all day.

Anyone wanting to participate in any miracles can come on out and help us put on the floor. Miracles happen quite often on The Simple Farm.

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  1. That is quite the luck you have there!