Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Pouring Piles and various other activities

Well we got the damaged power line fixed. I found myself digging to China as I had to clear an 8 foot trench to expose the wire that just so happen to head straight down to the lowest part of the basement.

holes 063

After a lot of work lately we decided to have a sleepover in our new place. We slept over and had a dance. It just so happened to be about 80 KM winds that night but it was still fun to look at the stars from inside the house.

piles 012

Polly was super excited with the sleepover as you can tell.

piles 015

Roof trusses arrived finally. We are calling all friends of The Simple Farm within shouting distance of the place to come for a roof raising this weekend. I’m taking Friday off to try to get the bad boys up this weekend.

piles 054 piles 055

I honestly thought that these would look bigger for some reason. I guess that’s what happens when the house is smaller than a lot of peoples garage. I just talked to a neighbor whose garage is bigger than our house by 200 sq. ft. ha.

piles 057

We ordered concrete for the piles for our deck. Milly was mad I ordered so much extra. Ahem, sometimes, just sometimes, I get to say I told you so. Look how close we got to finishing the piles. Yes, that says 9 inches. We bought a few bags of ready mix and poured the rest tonight.

 piles 033

Here’s our pile holes all lined up after pouring. We raised the Sono tubes 6 inches off the ground so some of the concrete would come up as a good sized footer. We should have only raised it a few inches as our footing are like 3 feet thick. The concrete raised up really high on the sides.

piles 038 piles 040

Thanks heavens our concrete driver was an old friend from high school. He didn’t even know we moved back but now he knows where we live so there is no excuses not to visit. Here he is looking all tough as nails next to his truck.

piles 035

We start them young here. Here’s Polly chipping in filling up our pile holes after the concrete sat for a while.

piles 059

Finally, we got 16 inch lag bolts to connect the top few rows of logs together to make sure the place doesn’t fall apart when we get the roofing trusses on this weekend. It’s a lot of work screwing in these every 3 feet around the perimeter.

piles 041

OK, one last thing. Here’s a little video of our sleepover/dance under the stars.

Once again, I’m glad I’m already married. Imagine if I had to try to pick up girls with my stiff legged, chicken dance moves?

Next activity, roofing trusses and hopefully sheeting to enclose the place before snow flies.

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  1. Might I suggest marking your utility lines, while you still know where they are? :-)

    Good luck on the trusses! Don't fall off!