Monday, September 12, 2011

Taking down and putting back up a log home

Today was a big day for The Simple Farm folks. Today we moved our logs out to the farm. I don’t know if I can be as humorous as usual as I can barely move the tips of my fingers. I’m sore from head to feet. I only fell off the log walls once it was kind of scary as it was the very top log. Good thing it was in a corner as I just grabbed the walls to support myself as I climbed back up.

Rico came and helped with the big move. Thank heavens. If it wasn’t for him we’d probably be still tearing down. As it happens we actually tore down the whole contraption and put up six more rows of logs.

Here’s a bunch of pics from the day.

Rico and me on the log wall.

house erection 032

Boom truck/crane operator.

house erection 007 

Rico chasing me around on the top of the logs.

house erection 036

We had to pry up each log and put straps around each end. Not too hard of a job for two extremely tuff guys.

house erection 045

Greybeard inspecting our work.

house erection 057 

Corner scribe on the logs.

house erection 071 house erection 070house erection 072

Ringo attaching wool in between logs.

house erection 091

Ringo finding the right logs and helping to attach them to the crane.

house erection 092 

Six rows up. Pretty good days work.

house erection 097 house erection 098

Cutting out a temporary door.

house erection 100 house erection 101

Greybeard looks very pleased with the progress.

house erection 096

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