Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Why I jump when Milly says so

I have never been so scared in all my life as the time I saw Milly pick up the Paslode framing nailer and let fly a flurry of precisely calculated nail shots to an unsuspecting floor joist. It was like seeing a well trained secret agent shoot the life out of a target 100 yards away. Tell me this picture doesn’t make you want to be a better, nicer, and more understanding spouse when you are told to do so.

  milly with gun

The way we did the floor was a little backwards. At least I assume it was. I had to cut 80% of the sheeting to fit the stupid joists. We also used dimensional lumber to cut down on costs and height. I’ve talked with a lot of people over the past couple of weeks and everyone is surprised that we did this the old school way with actual wood. Seems like the new fancy I beams are all the rage. Either that or trusses. Both cost about double what the 2x12 flooring cost us.

    subfloor 010

The day of sheeting we got about 80% done.

subfloor 007

Molly and Polly spent the day eating carrots and beans from the garden.

subfloor 006

We laminated 3 2x12x18 together for our beam. We then placed 2x12 joists every 2 feet or so (the or so is a sore spot for Milly. We were off occasionally). With a 15 foot span on the basement floor which just met building codes according to our inspector. The bridging was put in before the plywood. I would do it differently if I had to do it again. I’d do the bridging after the plywood as it moved the joist as I tried to level the lumber with the braces.

Basement stairwell.

subfloor 005

Ringo gets his own picture. He worked like a dog for 3 days. He wanted to use the power drill to screw in the flooring. I was hesitant at first but monitored him for a few screws and then decided to let him earn his keep. Poor kid didn’t know what he was getting into. Elvis, Grey beard, and him did most of the plywood attaching for the whole place while I cut and pieced in the flooring.

subfloor 019

The motley framing crew all decked out and our best construction outfits. Grey beard looks like an old army pilot that dropped from the sky to help out on the homestead.


We did have a little dance on the platzl. The logs won’t be moved for about a week so if anyone wants to come out and work the floor in with an old fashioned, kick your heels up dance, just let us know.subfloor dancing

You can’t tell by the last pictures of Milly but she was happy and didn’t use that nail gun for any inappropriate purposes.


  1. I remember with great fondness the years we spent when we built our own house in Babb, I say years because it seemed as if we were always building something new. I know your kids will look back with the same at what you guys are accomplishing there!

  2. It is really coming along! We were out driving the other day, and passed by your place. No one was there or we didn't see anyone, or we would have stopped in! If you are doing any amount of work on a Saturday, I could loan you a pair of muscles.

  3. I hope the kids look back with fondness as right now they are always complaining that we are working not playing which is there preferred choice of activity.

    We will be moving logs this Saturday morning around 8 am. All muscles willing to help will be put to good use.

  4. The house is looking good so far!!