Thursday, September 22, 2011

Won’t I ever learn

In case you were wondering, this is not a good thing.

holes 033

We were digging pile holes and hit the main electrical line into our house.

holes 053

Here’s a good look at #2 cable.

holes 059

Two foot section ripped out of the ground.

holes 031

I’ve always wanted a remote cabin that relied on solar power. I might get my wish after all.

Yup, should have listened to Milly and not gone so deep. Looks like I just might get to dig the piles by hand. If I didn’t get to do the basement by hand at least I can feel happy that I’ll get to do a few holes.


  1. I can't believe that it isn't in some sort of conduit or casing...just a wire in the ground. Hope it wasn't too much of a 'shock'!

  2. That is encased wire that is made to go underground so we don't have to have wire go overhead from a telephone pole.