Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Backfilling the basement

I got another turn to use the shovel. We needed to backfill around our house before we put on our deck so had Penelope’s father in law come over with his pay loader and dump a bunch of clay around the place.

camp 010

I’m glad I didn’t do it by hand. This baby holds 2.5 yards of dirt for every scoop.

camp 045

We had him dig out one of our dugouts thinking it would be mostly clay but found it was mostly pit run. Meaning there is a lot of gravel and rocks mixed in. Milly was concerned by the mixture of gravel compared to clay. However, after many consultations with a wide variety of experts we decided to smooth it out, pack it down, and put on the deck.

camp 044

Gus came down and helped me with the gable end. He’s a professional builder and cussed at me for two days for doing things all backward. But we did get something accomplished. The gable end on the East is up. Now we just have to finish the West side and dormer.

Remot3uzr99 002

We went down to do the dormer tonight but after much confusion and deliberation we decided to wait until we could Google to find out how to put the dang thing together.

I’m sure most builders do the same thing right?

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