Sunday, October 23, 2011

Building a deck

After being scolded by Gus about the way we are doing things I decided to follow his advice and finish all the level surfaces first so we had level ground to work off of. We spent the past few days getting our deck together.

It’s amazing how tuff it really is to get a beam straight and the right height.

deck 025

We bought rough cut fir 6x6 inch post and are going to put those up as pillars. We cut smaller pieces and made them the support for the beam. We thought about putting them up and running the beam in front of or behind or in the middle of the posts but decided to do it this way. The pillars will then sit on the beam and hopefully that will be solid enough to withstand our ferocious winds here.

deck 026deck 025

We’ve been working late as it gets dark around 7 pm now. We’ve started our volcano oven up and had it for a heat source. We took a picture of Greybeard by the fire looking like a hobo. He’s sitting on a tar bucket warming his patsies.

deck 022

Milly gets the first crack at standing on the deck. Hopefully we’ll have the deck done in the next few days. Once we got the beam in place the rest has really fallen into place.deck 033blog

At least now Gus can’t yell at me for doing all this building stuff completely backwards.

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