Sunday, October 30, 2011

Dormer and porch progress

Here are the pictures I promised from this weekend. We are really happy with the dormer. It’s a lovely view and hopefully will be a great meeting spot inside for the family.


Milly and I sat and discussed for about 3 hours on how to do the dormer and then decided to wait for Gus to come down. It was a wise decision. The dormer doesn’t look too difficult now that it’s up but I’m sure we’d still be discussing (arguing) about where to start.

IMG_1322 IMG_1323

Milly and Greybeard hard at work on the deck.


We almost got done the gable end. It’s not shown in this picture but you can see the 3 ft overhangs pretty nicely here.


We are concerned a bit with the overhang vrs the distance the overhangs go in on the trusses. We are told they are supposed to go in about the same distance they go out. As you can see they only go in 2 ft but go out 3 ft.


There is a pool going for people betting how long our untreated, unadulterated, strait spruce porch will last. Gus and his crew think 5 years. There’s no way they’d do anything but treated lumber on a deck. We’ve thought long and hard about it and just can’t bring ourselves to use treated lumber. I’d rather replace the deck in a few years then have my kids rolling around on the stuff that prevents rotting. I know they say ACQ is good for all that ails you but I just don’t believe what the experts are selling.

IMG_1325  Maybe we can do an experiment on the effect of weather on untreated lumber. I’ll take a picture of our porch every 6 months and we’ll see how long it lasts. Of course there will be an overhanging porch going up soon so hopefully that helps a bit.porch

Gus made Milly feel happy at the end of the day by declaring “this place is really well proportioned especially considering the fact you don’t even have real plans.” Ha.

Milly has spent countless hours drawing up plan after plan on graph paper and Barnabas has spent untold hours listening to us describe what we think the place should look like.

Hopefully it continues to work out.

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  1. This is so cool that you guys are doing this. I cannot wait to see the finished work. So impressive.